Beyond Etiquette offers programs on international etiquette and protocol including, but not limited to:

Continental (British, French, and American) dining etiquette

  • Chinese social, dining, and business etiquette

  • Social etiquette

  • Business etiquette

  • Cross-cultural communication 

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Intrapersonal communication

  • Communication Etiquette

  • Etiquette coaching for teens and youth

We also offer programs on communication, ranging from cross-cultural communication to nonviolent communication. Most courses have a combination of both etiquette and communication in the curriculum.


For reservations or information:

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can best help you, your family, or your employees find confidence in any social or business situation. Thank you for considering Beyond Etiquette.


Business Etiquette

The rules of business are often set in stone, but the rules of etiquette are ever-changing. This is often due to the rapid pace of technology and its effect on our lives. The one constant is that etiquette is always based on respect for others.


Chinese Dining and Social Etiquette with Effective Communication

When dining in China, how you act will greatly affect how others perceive you. In fact, it will pay to observe your host during the meal to determine what you might do next. And, above all, leave your chopsticks alone unless you’re actually eating.


Continental Dining and Social Etiquette with Effective Communication

As comedian Eddie Izzard famously said, "I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from." This is also true for many of our dining and etiquette traditions.


Communication and Ensuring Words Do No Harm

Words not only have meaning; they have power. In our everyday dealings with others, we often find ourselves communicating not just with a variety of persons but in a variety of situations that might require us to communicate in a wide variety of ways.



The Benefits of Etiquette Training

Beyond Etiquette benefits our clients and the people with whom they interact on a daily basis. You’ll learn that core of etiquette is being considerate of people around you. Therefore, after attending our courses, you’ll consider how to practice your new etiquette and communication skills in real-life scenarios.



Individual Benefits

Instill  knowledge on how to initiate, discuss, or handle a difficult conversation, and give you the confidence that you can get through the conversation with much less anxiety.


Corporate Benefits

Improve client relations, communications between teams, and management. Including how to facilitate meetings and improve or instill stronger sense of company culture.


Employee Benefits

Improve communication with people they interact with professionally or socially and instill confidence to handle difficult or unfamiliar professional situations.