Communication and Ensuring Words Do No Harm

Words not only have meaning; they have power. In our everyday dealings with others, we often find ourselves communicating not just with a variety of persons but in a variety of situations that might require us to communicate in a wide variety of ways.

Whether you are anxious at the thought of speaking with others or you are a seasoned networker, this course will help you learn and refine techniques to better communicate, be more aware of the message you might be sending (as opposed to what you think you’re saying), and how to handle conversations no matter the scenario.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Identify Your Speaking Style

  • Identify/Become Aware of Speaking Habits You May Have in Different Emotional States

  • Identify Your Trigger Words or Situations

  • How to Overcome Anxiety/Fear in Difficult Situations and Convey Your Response in an Effective Manner

  • How to Create a Connection Between You and Your Audience (Empathy)

  • How to Shift the Tone/Tension of a Conversation

  • Effective Communication

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Taking Responsibility for One’s Words, Actions, Reactions, and Feelings

  • Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences Due to Upbringing > Perceiving Events Differently

  • Being Able to Walk Away from a Difficult Conversation Feeling Mutually Satisfied

  • Self-love/compassion - How it Affects Outward Communication