Individual Benefits

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Empower you with confidence to enter a previously uncomfortable situation with ease

  • Create meaningful connection and empathy with others

  • Maintaining professional and social relationships through etiquette and communication

  • Instill  knowledge on how to initiate, discuss, or handle a difficult conversation, and give you the confidence that you can get through the conversation with much less anxiety

  • Understand other cultures better: Chinese, British, American, and more.

  • Have a new appreciation for different cultures and be able to see the similarities and differences between them

  • Become more open-minded to different possibilities and perspectives

  • Improve relationships through etiquette and communication

  • Achieve grace and elegance

  • Transform your image of yourself and to others

  • Develop the ability to focus on what’s important instead of worrying about etiquette

  • Soft skills that you can take with you to any job

  • Intangible skills