Bonnie Tsai

At a young age, Bonnie understood the subtle art of making others feel welcome. She became passionate about etiquette when she discovered how it transforms and elevates people’s lives. Since then, she has dedicated herself to sharing this knowledge with others.

Rather than following a set of rules, Bonnie wants to illustrate how etiquette is about being the best version of yourself. With her multicultural background and experience in cross-cultural communications, Bonnie provides a unique and modern approach to traditional etiquette.

Bonnie is a consultant specializing in social and business etiquette and protocol. She attended the esteemed Institut Villa Pierrefeu finishing school in Glion, Switzerland and Institute Sarita finishing school in Beijing, China. She has been formally trained in Continental European, British, American and Chinese etiquette.

She resides in-between Los Angeles and San Francisco with her long-time partner and their rescued husky. Bonnie enjoys arranging floral decorations, playing tennis and volleyball, snowboarding, wandering the nature with her husky, exploring new countries, and hosting events. Bonnie is based in California and is available to travel nationally and internationally for consultation and speaking engagements.